During their time at our forensic exam location, our dedicated team does everything possible to ensure each victim feels as comfortable and safe as possible. We provide brand new clothing and flip flops with tags to each victim to go home in because often the clothing they have is taken into evidence collection. We offer snacks and drinks because the exam can take awhile and we try to make the process as comforting as possible. Everyone is also afforded the opportunity to shower with new toiletries before leaving.

We also have added items that we would love to be able to use to enhance our office space, or services provided such as journals or books for our support groups.

To make it as easy, simple, and convenient, we have compiled a list of our top, current needs that you can easily purchase online.

When you are shopping for your loved ones, please keep the victims we serve in mind. Or if you’d like to host a donation drive of new items for VSC at your office, school or church please let us know. We’d be happy to come thank everyone and share additional information about the impact those items will have on the individuals we serve each day.

To coordinate the drop-off of donation items, please contact us at marketing@VictimServiceCenter.org.

Please CLICK HERE to view our Wishlist Registry of our current needs!