Lui’s Letter- August 2017

The issue of sexual violence has been making its way to the forefront of the media with high profile cases like Taylor Swift. Whether there is an increase in the number of assaults or the attention surrounding the issue of sexual violence has prompted survivors to come forward, we are experiencing a rise in the number of people seeking help. Over the last few months, we have responded to more cases and continued to serve more clients. In fact, during a 7 day span in July, we responded to 15 acute sexual assault cases- the most in our history.

With summer coming to an end and school back in session, we need to continue to actively engage the youth in violence prevention.  The school year has begun, kids are back in school, and many are leaving home and heading to college. We know that this time frame is one of the most vulnerable. According to RAINN, more than 50% of college sexual assaults occur in either August, September, October, or November and that students are at an increased risk during their first and second semesters of college.

You have the power to stop violence. We encourage you to have open communication with your children and loved ones, have a zero-violence policy in your life, and be an active bystander for those who may need your help.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of violence and are in need of help, please call our 24/7 crisis helpline at 407-500- HEAL (4325).

As always, thank you for your steadfast support!