The Different Experiences of LGBTQ+ Survivors

LGBTQ+ is an umbrella term that encompasses many identities. All of those identities are important and they all carry their own different experiences. People that hold those different identities are often victimized in different ways. It’s important to uplift and bring awareness to those specific experiences in order to validate the experiences of survivors.

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Intervals

In 2016, guidelines changed to now recommend the collection of vaginal samples in a sexual assault kit up to 5 days after the incident, an increase from a previous 3 day interval. With technological advances and new research, there is a potential for this time to be extended even further. Here we provide an overview of the collection intervals by state, including some proactive states that have already extended their collection intervals.

Kati's Story

I hope my story can remind you that what happens to us doesn’t define who we are, your essence is still there and you should be living the life you deserve.