January 2017- Lui’s Letter


As we entered 2017 and reflected on the past year, we could not be more proud of the work our great community accomplished together. While there were some highs and, of course, some lows, we pulled together and showed the world just how strong our Central Florida community really is.

Last year, because of your support, our agency responded to a record number of crisis helpline calls, acute sexual assaults, and provided non-sexual violence services. We responded to a 30% increase in crisis helpline calls, 18.5% increase in acute sexual assaults, and a 27% increase in non-sexual violence services. As a result of the increase in clients and services, we were able to secure additional funding to grow our team to best serve all victims coming forward seeking help.  Our direct care team now has nine sexual violence victim advocates, three crime victim advocates, and three full-time therapists, all of whom provide free, expert, trauma-informed care.

We are grateful for our partners in law enforcement, local government, supporters, other victim services agencies, and those dedicated to continuing to improve the services offered to victims and survivors in Central Florida. We know it is only possible because of you.

Thank you for your ongoing support in 2017!


Lui Damiani

Executive Director, Victim Service Center